Grissom Air Reserve Base Supervisor Exposes 11 Personnel Online

GRISSOM ARB, Indiana. A Grissom Air Reserve Base weather station supervisor recently posted sensitive personnel information on his personal website, The Excel file contained contact information for 11 individuals, including seven social security numbers, dates of birth, drivers license numbers, and other information. The Liberty Coalition contacted one employee who explained that he had found the information by Googling himself days earlier. He talked to the supervisor, who explained that the file was a failed attempt at creating a random number generator. For some reason the Supervisor used fellow employees’ sensitive data for testing purposes. As a result, his fellow workers are now at extreme risk of identity theft. The Liberty Coalition was unable to reach the Supervisor directly.

The file had been deleted when the Liberty Coalition discovered it, but the information remained in Google’s cache for several weeks.

Individuals affected by this breach should immediately visit and search for their names, to confirm what types of personal information were exposed.


Sponsored by the Washington, DC non-profit Liberty Coalition, provides hundreds of thousands of free personalized Identity Exposure Reports™ as a public service. documents the types of information exposed, but does NOT contain sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers, Birth Dates, Addresses, etc. Consequently, there is no way to search for your SSN or any other type of sensitive data on Once we document the types of exposed information, and the situation surrounding the breach, we include the information in personalized Identity Exposure Reports. This information allows victims to further investigate, take action, or correct harm.


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