Texas Education Agency Exposes SSNs of Three People Online

AUSTIN, Texas. Earlier this month, the Texas Education Agency has posted the names, social security numbers, and birth dates of three individuals who applied to take the GED. The report is dated March 23, 1998, and was online between at least October 1999 and December 2008, or almost 10 years.

The three individuals on this list are at extreme risk of identity theft.

You can confirm whether you were affected by this breach by searching for your name at www.ssnbreach.org.

About SSNBreach.org

SSNBreach.org is a free online directory of victims of personal information breach, that tells you whether your personal information has been exposed.
SSNBreach.org does NOT contain sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers (SSN), Birth Dates, Addresses, and the like. Consequently, there is no way to search for your SSN or any other type of sensitive data on SSNBreach.org. Instead of storing sensitive information, we document what information was exposed, and the situation surrounding the breach. This information allows victims to further investigate, take action, or correct any harm from the exposure.

Source: https://www.ssnbreach.org/release.php?g=54

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