SemperFi Data Puts 40 at Risk of ID Theft

While searching on Google for his own social security number, an anonymous internet user discovered a breach on, and alerted the Liberty Coalition in late September, 2007. The Excel file, belonging to Arkansas company SemperFi Data Recovery, exposed the names, social security numbers, addresses, cell and home phone numbers, W-4 information and other personal information of 40 employees living in Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Liberty Coalition immediately contacted the proprietor of the website by phone and e-mail, as well as several of the victims, and reported the incident to the FBI. Even after the warning, the proprietor left the file online for several more weeks before taking the website down completely.

The business owner, who did not identify himself by name, explained that although he purposely placed the files online, he intended only a small number of people to see it, and didn’t want anyone to fuss about it. Instead, major search engines picked up the file, and several employees were justifiably upset.

You can confirm whether you were affected by this breach by searching for your name at


  1. #1 by CR on January 2, 2008 - 2:22 pm

    The proprietor is Russell Dye At 2006 south 64th Fort Smith, AR 72903 479-561-1475

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