Jordanian Social Networking Site: 187 Identities Exposed

In late August, 2007, the Liberty Coalition discovered a text file containing sensitive personal information for approximately 187 people, posted by a user on the Jordanian social networking site, This file contained names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, Mothers’ maiden Names, Drivers License Numbers, Dates of Birth, Credit Card information, ATM Pins, Bank Accounts, PayPal account information, and other sensitive data. On October 1, 2007, President & Co-founder Omar F. Koudsi e-mailed to emphasize that they “quickly… co-operated in removing the data.” did in fact remove the information within 48 hours of notification. However, they have not confirmed how long the file was available on their recalcitrant user’s site.

Individuals on this list were most likely victims of a “phishing” scam, where a malicious individual sets up a website that looks exactly like a merchant’s website (like paypal), in order to lure the victim into revealing sensitive information.

You can find out whether you were affected by this breach, at

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