Enemy of the State

Wed, 14 Mar 2007 by Aaron Titus

In the context of a recent international trip, this podcast is about three things: First, the authority of the Department of Homeland Security to track the movement of United States citizens once they arrive in the country. Second, useless security tactics that harm freedom of movement and privacy without increasing security, and third, a growing culture of lawlessness and intimidation, as a result of expanding executive power, in the name of National Security.

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Example Customs Declaration Form
I refused to fill out lines 4(a) and (b), my destination street address.
Front of Form 6059B
An informational image from cpb.gov, showing the Declarations form
Back of Form 6059B
An informational image from cpb.gov, showing the Declarations form
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  1. Espen Grindhaug Says:

    Thanks for this podcast. I have had similar experiences when entering the US. When filling out the form i forgot something on the back side, and then when I had corrected my self and came back to the officer he sent me directly to the secondary check. If that was because I forgot the backside, I'm a young adult traveling alone or just a routine I don't know.
    At the secondary check the officer was really strict and rude (if I can call it that), but when he saw my Norwegian passport he got all nice and friendly. Then he quickly checked my backpack (not half as thorough as my bag) and sent me off.

    Thanks again for a nice podcast.


  2. Linda Waali Says:

    I love this episode. I have been a long time defender of our rights and at times feel alone in my beliefs in this city.

    Listening to this episode, I applaud your courage, your inteligence in answering all pertinant information, and believe you were justified in not answering the 2 questions on the form.

    Unfortunately, I also think you will now be on a watch list and have problems from now on when you travel. Let's hope we never have to experiance an official Martial state or you may be off to a detainee camp.

    I have oft wished to do similar actions (or non actions) but in doing so I would loose my license and not be able to do what I can for another right, our second amendment.

    Please keep up the good work.


  3. Pat Says:

    You should not have made a big "stink" with the Immigration and customs enforcement agents.
    You should have just filled out the form and passed through giving 100% co operation.
    They are going to retaliate against you. First of all, since you were on a trip to Amsterdam
    you name will go on an immigration watch list for suspected child pornagraphers. You going to be put through secondary screening at the airport everytime for the rest of your life. when they searched your bags did you notice the computer they were imputing information into?
    That is a top secret computer database. Due to National Security
    they will never reveal what is said about you and it will never be expunged. most likely the immigration agent typed into the computer that you are a suspected trafficer of child pornography.
    furthermore you are lucky when the 6 agents surrounded you that they did not taser you to death. AS happened to polish immigrant Robert Dziekaanski
    killed at the vancouver airport reciently by Canadian security officiers.
    Its very likely you have been put on a watch list. Im not criticizing
    the agents who have a very difficult job to do. But you are right. We face a potential abuse of power by these immigration agents everytime we pass through an airport.

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