Texas State University Exposes Employment Info of 2,215 Online

SAN MARCOS, Texas. The Texas State University Computer Science Department website posted the names, birth dates, hire dates, salary and employment information for 2,215 Southwest Texas State University (SWT) Faculty and Administrators in fiscal years 1998 thru 2003. We are aware that in many states, government employee salary information is public information. We are unaware whether Texas law also requires public disclosure of personally identifiable information, such as names, dates of birth, or EEO status. Regardless of Texas law, exposure of a name and birth date combined with other employee information may create additional risk for some individuals.

According to the Excel file meta data, the file was created on February 18, 2003, and has been online since at least March 2006. According to the file, the data source is the employee profile (PEXXEMPF) file of the SWT database. The Liberty Coalition encouraged the university to re-evaluate the need to post all of the information.

You can confirm whether you were affected by this breach by searching for your name at www.ssnbreach.org.

About SSNBreach.org

SSNBreach.org is a free online directory of victims of personal information breach, that tells you whether your personal information has been exposed.
SSNBreach.org does NOT contain sensitive data, such as Social Security Numbers (SSN), Birth Dates, Addresses, and the like. Consequently, there is no way to search for your SSN or any other type of sensitive data on SSNBreach.org. Instead of storing sensitive information, we document what information was exposed, and the situation surrounding the breach. This information allows victims to further investigate, take action, or correct any harm from the exposure.

Source: https://www.ssnbreach.org/release.php?g=55

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